Past history


Tom Bender is a professional vocalist, musician, and entertainer who has been entertaining for over 35 years. Tom currently performs his incredibly successful solo show, and occasionally with two other Western New York bands: Hot Daddy Rocks! & Duke's End - The Music of Genesis. He is also formerly a guitarist/vocalist with 90 West and front man at Nik Entertainment (Nik and the Nice Guys). 

 Tom Bender's Solo Show!  features his extraordinary vocal talents. One of the most intriguing things about Tom's shows is his ability to cover many genres of music. This has only been enhanced by his recent involvement with 90 West & Nik Entertainment. With 90 West he performed the best in modern Country and at Nik shows Tom performed everything from Sinatra to the Black Eyed Peas. Add that to his extensive rock and progressive rock experience and you can imagine the diversity.

1973: Tom’s earliest recognition was when he started singing in the 5th grade in chorus at Silver Creek (N.Y.) Elementary. He was selected multiple times as a representative for the All-State Chorus and also the yearly county collaboration at the Chautauqua Institute.

After 7th grade Tom moved a few miles away to Dunkirk where he fronted several rock bands through the school years; Escape & Dynasty (with Silver Creek alum; Sam Ortolano, John Muccigrosso, & Steve Gregory) and then with Achilles which included Gary Douglas, Jack Pasquale & Mark Poland (aka; "Fester").

Poland’s brother Chris Poland (who went on to fame with Megadeth as well as several other global collaborations) became a major influence on Tom by exposing him to jazz fusion and other more complex music. Tom used to sing at local parties with Chris and the late Gar Samuelson (Megadeth) because they did mostly instrumental music.

1981-'83: Bender enjoyed a solid but brief stint with Numb Pinky along with Douglas & Pasquale. Other members included; Corky Gloff, Tom Kuzoria, Nick O'Connell, Mike Franklin, & Rik MacKenzie.

From the mid '80's to 1990 Tom was involved in various musical ventures including composing and recording Western New York United Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse's former theme song, working as a studio engineer & arranger, and even did some commercial voiceover work. 

1990 to 2005 Tom toured and performed extensively in Christian music as a solo artist, in ensembles, and even choirs. He performed at Darien Lake's Kingdom Bound Festival several years, sang with local participants in a backing choir for the New Young Messiah Tour in Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium, performed with the elite Festival Chorus, and toured with a singing group both nationally and abroad.

In 2005 he fronted the Christian Progressive Rock band Revelation Project. A band that had been internationally recognized in the Progressive Rock community and sometimes even likened to Dream Theater and Symphony X. You can still contact Tom to purchase a copy of the Revelation Project concept disc for only $5.

Tom is open to discussing involvement in just about any musical project and is available for hire.