Tom Bender's Solo Show!

 A one-man entertainment experience

Best Male Solo Act ~ 2017 Buffalo Night-Life Music & Club Awards

Best Solo Act/Project ~ 2014 All WNY Music Awards

" have a great voice and a super sound.  Loved your candor with the audience as well." ~ David Martin (Sarasota, FL)

"What an incredible show. Your perfect to have at any party!!!" ~ Mary (Private Party Client)

Tom Bender’s Solo Show is a unique one-man entertainment experience that is adaptable to your venue and musical needs. The show is regularly performed everywhere from adult care centers to biker bars & tourist settings. 

You are able to select the style of show and you can also select the music you would like performed. There are hundreds of songs to choose from that cover many possible themes. For example; Classic Rock, New Country, Golden Age/Crooner, Decade themes, or whatever you may be able to imagine. Tom is also an expert at analyzing the audience he is performing for to provide the perfect mix of tunes if no particular theme is desired.
The solo show uses a very compact Bose tower sound system for maximum quality and minimal space is needed. Set up and tear down are quick and easy so there is minimal disruption and other events can carry on with very minimal disruption.  

Here are a couple of examples of Tom's most popular shows...

Crooner/Golden Age Style:
Tom performs this style show regularly at over 50 adult care facilities and functions. He is regarded by many to be the best entertainer in the circuit and the fact that he is re-booked at every venue provides valid testimony to such.  
Crooner shows feature a wide range of musical styles and .during these shows you can expect to hear classics that traverse the musical landscape from the 1940’s until now.  Clients frequently comment about how appropriate the song selection is as well as the energy that Tom brings to his performance.
Tom’s diversity and flexibility also make him a perfect fit for special events (open houses, holiday parties, etc.) where you can showcase the professional talent that you provide for your clients.

Classic Rock/Pop & Country: 
These shows are very popular at private parties, corporate functions, charity events, local watering holes and restaurants. Tom has performed at national chains, professional sports arenas & tourist areas and his show fits any type of mingling function or sit down entertainment venue.
The set list for these shows can consist of just about anything and Tom is an expert at analyzing the crowd to supply just the right mix of tunes. You can also architect your own style show if you have a theme. 
Tom has years of experience of leading open mics too so if there happens to be musicians or singers in the audience, they are frequently invited up to perform if the situation is right for those opportunities. Most times it is also possible to provide a karaoke track for someone to sing to. Crowd participation and involvement are important portions of every Flying Solo show.

Useful information about Tom and his show: 
· Bose tower sound system, all that is required for performances are one electrical outlet and 7 feet of overhead clearance.
· Performances can be straight acoustic shows or can use full accompaniment backing tracks for full-band sound.
· Available for vocal work of any kind (wedding ceremonies, studio work, live projects, etc.). Tom also plays rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and some piano.
· Representative for Starfield’s Productions a full pro audio recording studio in Buffalo, NY.